Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Charlotte Mellor Meecham is a freelance artist based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

While completing her illustration degree in Brighton, (an experience she would rather forget), she cut her teeth on arts and music event organising by teaming up with her friend, Max Wheeler and starting a night where artists could come and do live drawing and producers could come and test out their unreleased beats. They called it Retreat and it is still running ten years on, now being Brighton's longest running music and live arts event. Find Rtreat's new facebook page here:

On finishing her degree, a broken husk of a woman, she ran back up north to the comforting hills and valleys of Yorkshire and began a long process of recovery. Here she met Dj, and long term partner and friend, Chris Price and together they started Inkfolk Arts and Music Festival, a pop-up cultural event which promoted local talent as well as engaging internationally known artists and Djs in her home town of Hebden Bridge. After five years and twenty four festivals, Inkfolk came to it's natural end in December 2017. See  some of what they did here:

Charlotte also has an interest in making and selling her own designed and handmade headdresses, and works under the name Wispa Wears Headpieces for this. This is ongoing, and you can contact her for orders through here:

In her art practice, Charlotte likes to use a variety of mediums, ranging from more traditional approaches such as analogue photography and printing, making and sculpture, sewing and illustration, through to a use of more manipulative techniques with the computer for her visuals, animation, constructed images and collages that feature within her posters and design work.

Charlotte avoids the constraints of one method and medium and enjoys the challenge of using many different processes, pushing beyond her comfort zone to achieve new results. 

On this site you can find examples of her creative work, past and ongoing projects...

Charlotte is available for Poster Design, Creative Photography, Visual Projections, Event and Window Dressing , Illustration, Making and Painting... Not forgetting, Headpiece orders...

Please email for commissions or questions.